Tea to be spilled...

¡Deja te cuento el chisme! - Spanish-language proverb (not really; I'm being silly) commonly exclaimed when gossip is about to be shared.

Over the course of my life, I have been involved in many conversation that started with some variation of "giiiiiiiiirrrrrrrlll, let me tell you". During the ongoing self criticism that my brain doles out to me, I always assume that if some intimate piece of myself is revealed I will be the subject of that kind of conversation. I panic. What will be said about me? What will people think of me? Will I lose friends?

The truth is that unless it impacts that person directly, it is highly likely that they don't actually care. 

Do you remember that time that you discovered your new kink? And then, because you weren't terribly familiar with the societal customs connected with that kink, maybe you experienced some level of shame? Your mind starts spinning. 

What will happen if someone finds out that I'm into this? 

Consider that there are kinks that are looked down upon in general. The ones that some people don't believe could be consented to between two adults. Or other kinks that are commonly in the hard limit column. What if this newfound kink falls into this area? Do you tell anyone while taking a risk that you'll be ridiculed or flat out judged aggressively?  

I have struggled with this recently. I have even struggled to gather the courage to go to a munch for this particular new discovery. I don't even want to encounter anyone I know, even if they share this interest. I'm the first one to shame myself about this and chances are that I'm the only person that thinks it is salacious.

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