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Fidgeting like a motherfucker or sub frenzy

I am patient. I am polite. BUT FUCK WAS I GOING NUTS LAST WEEK. It was like a spark was ignited. I felt like a bitch in heat, wanting to hump anything and everything. Except it wasn’t so much driven by my pudenda than my mind. Within the span of a week, I experienced many “firsts”. Public play, public semi-nudity, consensual impact play, ooh those vampire gloves, loving caresses, mummification (still some residual ecstasy from that) and just the overwhelming emotions related to it all. I couldn’t and still can’t get enough. I want it all. This crazy, hypnotic-like trance was seriously impairing my ability to work and think straight. Everything I saw or did lead my thoughts to naughty, kinky things. I could not stop thinking of what experiences I could have next and how soon they could happen. Ravenous would be the best way to describe what I felt. I think I must have been dirty tweeting more than usual that day. Luckily I was also chatting with Gemini . I was very pouty and whiny so I

My Little Pony… or so I thought

Lady D. Oh Lady D. She is sweetness and mischief rolled up into hot. I turn into a puddle when she smiles at me. I credit this woman with pulling me out of my rut. (You know, that rut in which you haven’t crushed hard on someone for QUITE a while.) Because life is the way she is, Lady D is strictly hetero so that crush was slowly, well, crushed. It took us a bit but we made it back to friend status but she’s always going to be that platonic crush and I certainly hope that is okay with her. So when she asked me to come over to clean her kitchen, I was beyond delighted! I texted her to ask if she wanted me to work on anything specific. My slight smile turned into a grin when she responded that I should check my e-mail. “Instructions”, read the subject line. Fuck, I didn’t know if she knew that would turn me on but it sure did. I thrive on instructions, rules and formality. It is the Emily Post in me. She gave me instructions on what she wanted done and ended her message with “I should b

That wasn’t hard after all (Part Two)

Anyone that knows me VERY personally, knows that I have delayed reactions to everything. Arguments, profound experiences, road trips, you name it. So when Miss H asked me how I felt after playing on Saturday (that very night before we parted ways), I broke her cardinal rule and may have said a little white lie. My daytime activities were filled with familial time and minor errands. During this time, I struggled to relax and be in the present. No, my being was very focused on the day coming to a close so I could feel Miss H’s hands in places she had never touched before. Places I craved her touch. The day came and went. I am a ritualistic person so getting ready to go out is an event. This was no different. I laid out my dainty fishnet stockings and a modest black slip dress and probably took the longest shower in existence. I imagined ridding myself of all negative and worrisome energy, watching it all go down the drain. I wanted to be a blank slate for Miss H. A blank slate on which

That wasn’t hard after all (Part One)

After lengthy consideration, I made the decision to play in public this weekend. With who you may ask? Miss H, that’s who. Gosh, this woman intrigues me so much and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. Even now, as I type this, I sit here wondering how I came to this decision. A decision which seemed to have required a lot of steps but ended up being painless. As many people will assert, the internet and her valuable search engines are the portal through which many find their way into the kinky side of the pool. For yours truly, this is a fact. I didn’t know anyone and had no way of making contact with others who had similar urges. God forbid I actually TALK about it with someone! Eek! I started reading a lot. Not just informational items about BDSM but also TONS of erotica. There was nights I would stay up reading and imagining myself in the role of the submissive or slave in the tale I was reading. Next thing I knew, the sun had already risen. Never in my wildest dreams did

My kink is holier than thou

As a side note, I’m writing this as I sit in my old bedroom with images of Catholic saints staring down at me. Hence the inspiration for this post. Our Lady of Perpetual Succour is right next to me… :-/ It has been said many times: for every kink out there, someone enjoys it. I think this phrase is used to express the sentiment that there are boundless ideas of fetishes. Recently CBS released a slideshow entitled “ 15 Strangest Sexual Fetishes ” and as I saw it make the rounds on Twitter, I saw a few comment on how it certainly wasn’t as risqué as the title implies. Truthfully, I didn’t find them to be strange at all. A while back, I expressed my interest in humiliation. Being the novice that I am, I wanted to tread lightly with just how I would go about describing this desire to someone. So I went in search of answers on the oh-so-many forums on FetLife ( here is the thread in case you are interested ). I got such varied responses and I decided that everyone was right in different w