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Do you speak to your mother with that mouth?

I recently made some changes on my FL profile. If you've been listening to Intellectual Kink or listened to my previous post, you may be aware that I'm ready to  delve into my interest in male dominants. The second step in this part of my life was to revise my profile. Aside from Twitter, it's really the only place where I maintain an online presence. It makes sense that I would advertise my desire for a Master. The messages I've received have not inspired much hope that I could someday find this unicorn-like Dom. "You can come over, clean my house, and then clean my cock with that dirty little mouth of yours." "How are you? I want to use you. Message me. I want you as my slave." Sigh. Dude, I'm still a human being. At least that second one asked how I was... Note that I won't be relying on FL messages for this endeavor. Can you at least take time to get to know me? Ugh. Delete. Yes, FL. Delete Forever.