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Tea to be spilled...

¡Deja te cuento el chisme! - Spanish-language proverb (not really; I'm being silly) commonly exclaimed when gossip is about to be shared. Over the course of my life, I have been involved in many conversation that started with some variation of "giiiiiiiiirrrrrrrlll, let me tell you". During the ongoing self criticism that my brain doles out to me, I always assume that if some intimate piece of myself is revealed I will be the subject of that kind of conversation. I panic. What will be said about me? What will people think of me? Will I lose friends? The truth is that unless it impacts that person directly, it is highly likely that they don't actually care.  Do you remember that time that you discovered your new kink? And then, because you weren't terribly familiar with the societal customs connected with that kink, maybe you experienced some level of shame? Your mind starts spinning.  What will happen if someone finds out that I'm into this? 


There is a very old document on my drive. I started it when I was rather new to the scene. It started off being a yes/no/maybe list. I added and changed it over the years. It is more condensed now and contains more detailed specifics on things that I consider a hard yes or soft no. It has not changed in a couple of years. I haven't bottomed in a long time so I'm unsure how any of that may have changed. There are activities on that list that I know in my heart will always be an enthusiastic yes. I can't wait for the next time I can experience mummification, a consistent favorite. The sting of a cane...yes please. There has been a recent addition: DDlg. I can't wait to see how that can manifest .  There were a couple of new columns that were added more than one year ago. I came to realize that my needs and wants were just as important (if not more) than what I was down to do in my kinky life. These needs/wants are what informs that yes/no/maybe list. For years, it was the