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Mistress and me

I think about who I was about a year ago and that is a different girl. Tired of hiding behind a computer screen, I went to a local munch. And I can remember the many times since then that I had spied Miss H and Lady D sitting off in a corner, like a too-cool-for-school duo. The cool kids. Slowly, I befriended them. No way I could have imagined that I would now be under consideration by one of those cool kids. In a flurry of events, I found myself in the nude in front of a number of friendly faces a few weeks ago. Fire play, yay! Just one more cherry Miss H was to pop. Her mentor, Mistress Melissa (big bad scary domme who is actually super nice) happened to stop by and I found myself hiding behind Miss H like a shy kid. My favorite part: kissing Miss H’s foot and asking how I could serve her (RAWR). Once that cherry was popped (it was awesome and tickled, btw), we socialized and watched others play. It was the start to a normal evening. Towards the middle of the evening, little miss I