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Happy Wanting to Die Anniversary

No, really. Happy to get to be around for an anniversary like this. Happy that I'm around to know I do not want to die. I thought I would have some kind of shitty day. I braced myself. However, other than feeling tired from a typical night of meh sleep, it really felt like a typical day.  Check out the below for yourself or someone you know.  Suicide Prevention Resources

Just take the goddamn meds already

I remember the small cups that were on a tray. Each containing pills. Just like you've seen on One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest or Girl Interrupted. You wait for your name to be called. The cup with your meds and another small cup of water are handed to you. You have to open your mouth and lift your tongue to show you took them. I remember how excited I was months later when I felt the impact of a good cocktail. Finally a path to peace in my head. Pills aren't the only part of the solution, but they do make it easier to get to a stable place.  Lately, I've been taking them later and later in the day. Sometimes I think about not taking them at all. And then yesterday, I didn't take them at all. This scared me quite a bit. I've seen that story play out. It is a shit show. I received caring reminders to take them today and I did.  I've been obsessing over why I've been so ambivalent about meds. Much like everything else in my life, I have an itch

Oh to be daddied!

My eyes hurt entirely too much, so I present this for your listening pleasure.