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When I started to become aware of being submissive, I struggled a bit to accept that about myself. Part of why I had a difficult time coming to terms with it was because of the contradictory nature of my desires. This has now reared its head in regards to pet play. I was asked what kind of pet I saw myself as. The short answer: pup. The long answer: Its complicated. I was going to start with “I want to be” but the truth starts with admitting that “I am”. I might identify with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ’s or maybe a Lhasa Apso ’s characteristics. I want to be cherished. And I want to be a companion and feel Mistress pet my head. I want to be told I’m a good girl and be a prized possession. I want to wag my tail for her in excitement when she approaches me. I crave just laying at her feet and sighing with contentment. I want the excitement of being the cutest pup and the attention that comes with that. But then there are darker desires, the complicated part

I am my mother’s daughter

No, this isn’t a kinky post. But it is my life, my blog and I will write about whatever the fuck I want. I don’t want to ever have to talk about my mom in the past tense. But things won’t work that way and eventually that is what will happen. So for now I’d rather tell you all about her while I still have her. She loves orchids and how delicately beautiful they look. She regrets having kicked her cat out of bed because someone told her that sleeping with cats messes with your reproductive system. All she ever talks about is holding a kitten or a baby chick. If she could have anything to eat right now, it would be lasagna. She likes helping people and does everything possible to put everyone before herself. She is an eternal optimist and believes we need to see the positive in everything and everyone. She and I have been making tamales together since I was a kid. She taught me how to cross-stitch and sew when I was a kid. Her favorite story to tell about me is how when she was pregnan

Episode #27–WTF Hour

Holy moly, I love listening back to our episodes. This one is a gem.