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Punishing The Service Slut

I'm still processing what happened. And sometimes writing helps me so you, the lucky reader, get to come along for the ride. Perhaps I should begin by outlining what prompted the punishment. For about a week, I touched myself. Our contract states that I must ask Mistress for permission before doing so. I pleasured myself without telling her. I came clean about it. I knew I had to. Not doing so would further damage the integrity of our relationship. The initial punishment consisted of not being allowed to masturbate for a week, no Tumblr time and no physical contact from Mistress except by her crop. That first weekend she teased me with the adult version of "I'm not touching you". When I did beg for her touch, I was promptly met with a slap across the face. One time, she harshly reached into my panties to see how wet I was. It was no surprise that I was drenched. It was playful though my clit was aching and yearning for her touch. A caress on my cheek or even a hug.