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It’s Complicated

From the moment I became involved with Miss H, I wondered how I would describe my relationship status to the vanilla people in my life. “Hey, so you know that chick I’m always gushing about? Yea, she beats me from time to time. Its awesome!” “Wait, you mean ‘Mistress’ isn’t synonymous with ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie?’” “Oh, those bruises? Sucks they didn’t last longer.” I was speaking to the only person in my family that knows about the nature of my relationship with Miss H. I spoke of the upcoming play party and probably rambled on about how giddy Miss H makes me. This person stopped me and said, “Wait. Is this really what you want?” She went on to ask me of the long-term implications of our kind of relationship and I started to regret ever saying anything. Fucking buzz-kill. It occurred to me that I cannot gush to the same people in the same way I would over any crush. Whether it be about Miss H or to whomever my journey takes me to, I will always have to filter out the dirty kinky deta